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U-Haul Tells Customers Their Personal Data Has Been Caught Up in a Breach


February 26, 2024

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U-Haul Tells Customers Their Personal Data Has Been Caught Up in a Breach

Moving truck company U-Haul is notifying customers that an unauthorized party used stolen credentials to breach its systems and access personal data, including names and drivers’ license numbers.

U-Haul learned on December 5, 2023, that legitimate credentials were used by an unauthorized party to access a system U-Haul Dealers and Team Members use to track customer reservations and view customer records,” reads a letter sent out to some 67,000 customers, as shared by The Register.

The moving company says it quickly initiated its response protocol upon learning of the breach, while also enlisting cybersecurity experts to conduct an investigation.

The investigation has already identified specific customer records that were accessed, including names, date of birth and driver’s license numbers.

Since the customer record system involved is not part of U-Haul’s payment system, no card data was accessed, according to the letter.

While the notice doesn’t specifically use the term “stolen,” there is no reason to believe that the unauthorized access was not used to copy the customer records – which is the case, more often than not.

U-Haul is offering complementary credit monitoring to prevent fraudulent attacks, and urges customers to be vigilant of suspicious activity on their bank accounts.

If you’re a U-Haul customer, past or existing, watch out for unsolicited or suspicious communications via SMS or email using the personal details mentioned in this report. Following a breach like this one, fraudsters seek to buy the compromised data and use it to build scams that impersonate companies you do business with.

Needless to point out, be especially vigilant of communications claiming to be from U-Haul themselves. If in doubt, contact the company yourself on a separate channel.

It’s worth noting that the official U-Haul website is down at this time. While the company hasn’t mentioned the possibility of a larger-scale cyber-attack, it’s certainly worth considering.

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