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Three Men Allegedly Used a Raspberry Pi to Hack ATMs in Texas


September 07, 2023

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Three Men Allegedly Used a Raspberry Pi to Hack ATMs in Texas

Police arrested three men in Lubbock, Texas, on accusations that stole money from ATMs by somehow using a couple of Raspberry Pi devices to avoid triggering alarms and opening the cash drawer.

Raspberry Pis are very small computers that can be programmed in innumerable ways. They can be used in automation projects, to teach kids how to program, or simply to run a Linux operating system that offers all the tools needed for a regular PC experience. Since they’re only a couple of inches wide, they are very easy to carry and conceal.

While details of the arrests haven’t been made available, EverythingLubbockpublished some information. Abel Valdes, 38, Yordanesz Sanchez, 41, and Carlos Jordano Herrera-Ruiz, 33, were arrested in a hotel room on Aug. 3. The police found a couple of Raspberry Pi computers in their room.

The authorities determined that the group somehow managed to steal large sums of money from multiple ATMs. They plugged the mini PC into the ATM, deactivated the security systems and removed the cash drawers. Authorities said nothing about what banks or ATMs have been affected.

In fact, the court documents pertaining to their arrest showed that someone saw them during one of the high-tech “heists” taking $5,700 from an ATM right before they were arrested. EverythingLubbock also said that the suspects have already been charged with Unlawful Interception, Use, or Disclosure of Wire, Oral, or Electronic Communications along with engaging in criminal activity.

The three suspects are in the Lubbock County Detention Center.




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