Think Before You Click: Use This Cybersecurity Awareness Month to Strengthen Your Digital Weak Spots


October 04, 2022

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Think Before You Click: Use This Cybersecurity Awareness Month to Strengthen Your Digital Weak Spots

Cybersecurity Awareness Month is here, so now is the time to highlight the importance of online security and raise your cyber-savviness as we prepare for the holiday season.

Remaining safe while navigating the online world is no easy task. Luckily, Bitdefender has you covered with a handy, easy-to-use guide that will strengthen digital weak spots and keep you safe from online threats to your data and financial security:

  • Improve your cybersecurity by using strong, unique passwords for all of your online accounts. Choose unique passphrases and complex passwords and never share them with anyone.

Bitdefender Password Manager is a multi-platform service that helps you store and organize all of your online passwords hassle-free. Our password managers generate secure, unique passwords for every new account, storing them securely so you don’t have to memorize them.

  • Layer up on online security by enabling two- or multi-factor authentication(2FA or MFA) for your accounts to minimize the chances of account or data compromise.
  • Raise your phishing awareness and think before you click. Make yourself phish-resistant by scrutinizing all incoming and unsolicited correspondence. Be especially wary of urgent or threatening language, spelling and grammar errors alongside unusual requests for personal and sensitive information (including passwords, PINs and credit card data).

Bitdefender security solutions can help you prevent phishing with state-of-the-art anti-fraud and anti-phishing technologies that block phishing and fraudulent websites before they can ruin your day.

  • Stop oversharing on social media platforms. Your data, no matter how insignificant, can jeopardize your safety online. This October, take some time to inspect your sharing habits and ensure you’re not carelessly exposing email addresses, phone numbers and other identifiable information online.

Bitdefender Digital Identity Protection can help you find out the extent of your digital identity and manage your data to avoid privacy threats. Subscribers also get 24/7 data breach monitoring and an awesome new superpower – the ability to uncover any social media impersonators who may ruin their reputation.

  • Use a VPN to avoid tracking and network snoops, and keep your privacy safe while traveling. Make sure that you always use a VPN when connecting to public Wi-Fi networks in malls and airports to avoid unwanted access to your credit card and other sensitive info if you’re feeling the need for some retail therapy.

Check out Bitdefender Premium VPN, a fast and dependable VPN service that encrypts traffic and protects against traffic snooping whether at home or on the go.

  • Keep devices and operating systems up to date. Don’t delay updating your phone, PC or other software. Keeping systems up to date will diminish the chances of compromise.
  • Use a security solution to keep your devices malware-free. A trustworthy security solution will protect you from viruses, Trojans, spyware and any other internet threats that could be coming your way.

Bitdefender Total Security covers all your anti-malware security needs, no matter your operating system. Our multi-security suite offers complete online protection to stop sophisticated malware, ransomware and zero-day attacks with minimal impact on your systems’ performance.

This October stay tuned for more tips and tricks and handy guides that help you adopt safer online behaviors and protect your digital life.

Stay Safe!




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