The Safety Formula - Episode 5: Rapid Response in Critical Situations


October 25, 2023

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The Safety Formula - Episode 5: Rapid Response in Critical Situations

In our micro-series, The Safety Formula, we explore the worlds of cutting-edge Formula 1 technology and innovations in the ever-evolving world of cybersecurity. Welcome to Episode 5: Response in Critical Situations, where we see how the Formula 1 Safety Car and Global Protective Network work to respond in critical situations.

Safety First

Fifty years ago, the F1 Safety Car first made its appearance at the 1973 Canadian Grand Prix. While it wasn’t until 1993 that the Safety Car was made a permanent feature of all race weekends, it remains an essential part of Formula 1 racing to this day.

The primary purpose of the Safety Car is to ensure the safety of drivers and track personnel. When incidents such as accidents, debris on the track or adverse weather conditions occur, the Safety Car is deployed to neutralize the race.

The Safety Car’s presence helps to slow down cars, allowing marshals to clear the track or deal with any hazards, reducing the risk of further incidents for a safer racing environment.

Rapid Response and Reducing Risk

Just as the Safety Car in Formula 1 ensures the safety of drivers and F1 marshals, the Global Protective Network in cybersecurity aims to enhance security and minimize risk for users.

The network aims to swiftly respond to emerging threats, conducting a triage of their severity. This analysis allows for a rapid response, coordinating actions to safeguard networks and their important data.

While in Formula 1 it is the Safety Car that is immediately deployed to slow cars during an incident, antivirus technology acts as a parallel safeguard, effectively controlling and mitigating the impact of malware.

Centralized Control and Coordination

In potentially hazardous situations, a coordinated response is critical. The Global Protective Network provides a central hub of response and coordination, facilitating real-time information sharing and collaboration between security professionals during a cybersecurity incident.

Likewise, the Safety Car assumes a go-between role on the race track. While leading the cars in a controlled manner, it directly communicates with FIA F1 Race Control to ensure the right response in the field.

Both the Safety Car and the Global Protective Network get to work in potentially critical situations. Whether on the race track or in the digital landscape, they work to minimise harm and protect the well-being of participants through rapid response and effective coordination.




The meaning of Bitdefender’s mascot, the Dacian Draco, a symbol that depicts a mythical animal with a wolf’s head and a dragon’s body, is “to watch” and to “guard with a sharp eye.”

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