Stay Updated to Keep Ahead of Cyber Threats – Updating Chameleon Explains


October 25, 2021

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Stay Updated to Keep Ahead of Cyber Threats – Updating Chameleon Explains

Cybersecurity awareness month is here, and we’re running a fun campaign for all our followers. In this four-part series, we enlist the help of four tech-savvy characters eager to dispense important tips on security while surfing the web. This week, we give a warm welcome to Updating Chameleon.

A new study by Bitdefender found that half of consumers use a smartphone as their main device for personal online activities, making mobile security critical for accessing services safely. And over a third of children have full access to Internet-connected devices in the household, greatly increasing security risk. Unsurprisingly, six in 10 internet users faced at least one cyber threat in the past year, yet many shun security solutions on the devices they use most often.

Even if you’re on the fence about the benefits of a mobile security solution, you should at least consider practicing good cybersecurity hygiene. One of the simplest and most efficient ways to secure your device against hacks is to apply the latest patches.

Updating Chameleon reads the news regularly, so he decided to offer a few words of advice. We were more than happy to give him a platform.

We Chameleons have been perpetually updating our appearance since the Paleocene, when we first emerged. I keep my configuration in line with my environment to stay on top of any changes that may arise. This way I’m hard to spot by predators, but I’m also invisible to unsuspecting meals – like this clueless mantis here. Slurp!

Use this as a reminder to continually update your apps and devices to keep up with the changes in the IT environment. Whether it’s to take advantage of a new feature or to address a vulnerability, software updates are essential to adapt to change, good or bad. The landscape is continually changing. And you need to keep up.

I suspect IT engineers based the update logo on my spiraling tail. If not, it’s still a flattering coincidence. Slurp!

Updating Chameleon is right. In a recent update issued to iPhone and iPad users, Apple addressed two critical flaws which, if exploited properly, could let malicious actors deploy Pegasus spyware. Pegasus can be covertly installed on mobile phones with a simple malicious message sent to the victim via WhatsApp or other IM apps. It affects both iOS and Android devices. Simply keeping devices up to date can protect against such threats.

We thank Updating Chameleon for reaching out to our readers with this handy reminder of just how important it is to always stay up to date. If you like him as much as we do, head over to the Bitdefender Instagram page and use the effects button to virtually stamp this color-shifting lizard on your T-Shirt.

And, just in time for #CyberSecurityAwarenessMonth, we’ve extended the free trial for Bitdefender Total Security from 30 days to 90. Download the package and experience best-in-class protection for your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices for three full months, completely free of charge!

Stay safe!




Filip has 15 years of experience in technology journalism. In recent years, he has turned his focus to cybersecurity in his role as Information Security Analyst at Bitdefender.

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