Responding to cyberbullying with cyberconfidence and resilience


June 23, 2023

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Responding to cyberbullying with cyberconfidence and resilience

This month, we’ve been promoting cyberconfidence as a means to overcome cyberbullying and other roadblocks you may stumble upon in your digital journey.

The consequences of long periods online have taken their toll on both children and adults who may find it difficult to balance the positive and negative imprints of the internet.

We’re all aware of the long-term effects that online harassment can have on one's wellbeing and mental health. Young children and teenagers are especially vulnerable, since they are less aware of their self-worth, and are constantly comparing themselves with others.

"Today’s kids are part of the generation that will further define the digital world. It’s necessary to bolster their self-esteem, teach resilience, and encourage self-care." Leticia Barr, Veteran Teacher & Founder of

In cybersecurity, confidence and resilience go in hand in hand. Cyber-confidence will help you and your kids deter any online harassment, digital miscreants and malicious attacks that you may come across.

It may take some effort and reassurance, but once you trust your instincts and abilities, and move outside your comfort zone, you can gain the confidence you need to stand up for yourself and others who find themselves in unpleasant or harmful situations online.

Here’s what our two experts (parents) have to say about cyberbullying and digital literacy. Watch the entire video below for tips on how you as a parent or caretaker can tackle online threats and cyberbullying with your kids.

For a quick wrap-up on promoting resilience against cyberbullying, we’ve also mapped out a couple of rules you can follow to help build your or your child’s self-confidence online:

· Don’t compare yourself with others you see online. Remember, social media is full of smoke and mirrors. Always scrutinize the information you see or hear.

· Treat yourself and others with respect and positivity. We should all be kind and treat people with empathy and respect. Children often mirror caretakers’ and parents’ behavior online, so promoting good cyber citizenship will help model a child’s behavior.

· Stand up for yourself and others in need. People bully and harass for many reasons, and putting a stop to these issues has become a great concern for parents. Don’t turn a blind eye to any form cyberbullying or harassment - speak up and always report bad behavior online.

“Do not avoid signaling to the authorities if the attack is one that targets your integrity.” NansiLungu, Behavior Analyst at Bitdefender

"Empowering our kids to be upstanders encourages them to take the high road. Let them know it’s always ok to stand up for things they know are wrong." Leticia Barr, Veteran Teacher & Founder of

· Never retaliate. Retaliating or seeking revenge against a cyberbully can escalate the conflict. Whether you’re an adult or a child, never respond angrily or copy the bully’s behavior as it may have severe consequences on your online reputation as well.

· Surround yourself with people who share your dreams and values.

"Even if you are not a very sociable person, don't isolate yourself. Keeping yourself true to yourself requires other people, paradoxically. Make your life as rich as possible, depending on your interests." NansiLungu, Behavior Analyst at Bitdefender

“Carefully select the groups you belong to and the materials you follow.” NansiLungu, Behavior Analyst at Bitdefender

Let’s Stop Cyberbullying, Start Cyberconfidence today and every day by building a strong community dedicated to rewriting the narrative, so we can grow and develop into more confident, encouraged and accountable digital citizens.

Don’t forget to join our initiative and spread some cyberconfidence on Bitdefender's social media channels!




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