Mortgage loan giant in the US suffers major data breach impacting 14.6 million customers


December 19, 2023

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Mortgage loan giant in the US suffers major data breach impacting 14.6 million customers

US mortgage and loan giant Mr. Cooper has disclosed a major cyberattack that exposed the personal information of 14.6 million customers.

According to Mr. Cooper’s incident report, unknown threat actors infiltrated its network on Oct. 31, prompting an immediate and complete shutdown of IT systems.

Despite this quick response protocol to guard against unauthorized access to customer information, the hackers obtained access to files containing sensitive information on both formed and current customers and co-borrowers.

Following a lengthy investigation to determine the extent of the breach, it was revealed that cybercriminals accessed and stole the personal info of 14.6 million homeowners.

“On October 31, 2023, Mr. Cooper detected suspicious activity in certain network systems. Immediately upon detection, we initiated response protocols, launched an investigation with the assistance of cybersecurity experts to determine the nature and scope of the incident, and contacted law enforcement,” the mortgage giant explained.

“We also made the decision to shut down our systems to contain the incident and in an effort to protect our customers’ information. Through our investigation, we determined that there was unauthorized access to certain of our systems between October 30, 2023 and November 1, 2023. During this period, we identified that files containing personal information were obtained by an unauthorized party.”

To date, it has been revealed that hackers gained access to files containing the following customer records:

  • Full names and dates of birth
  • Addresses and phone numbers
  • Social Security numbers
  • Bank account numbers of about 32,000 reverse mortgage customers

Following the breach, the mortgage company that it’s taking measures to ensure that such incidents won’t happen again and that it is closely monitoring the dark web for any signs of misuse.

“We are also monitoring the dark web and have not seen any evidence that the data related to this incident has been further shared, published, or otherwise misused,” the company added.

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