‘Let’s-a go’ celebrate Mar10 Day with a big ‘Wahoo!’ And safe online gaming!


March 10, 2023

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‘Let’s-a go’ celebrate Mar10 Day with a big ‘Wahoo!’ And safe online gaming!

M.A.R 10 honors Nintendo’s star mascot, the one and only Mario – the best-selling video game character of all time.

With the highly anticipated Super Mario Bros. Movie due to hit theaters next month, this year’s Mario Day celebration offers plenty of nifty deals for all the nostalgic video gamers who fell in love with the red cap and blue overalls of the little Italian plumber.

While a vulnerability in Nintendo’s Wii U Mario Kart 8 online multiplayer mode prompted it to be taken offline by the developer, both casual and hardcore Mario gamers still have plenty of fresh deals and bundles to check out this week.

Whether you’re browsing through the latest installments in the Mario series, or simply looking for some new Mario-themed gear, avoid falling into a scammers’ net, with these tips:

  • Keep your gaming accounts protected with strong and unique passwords
  • Be wary of phony ads promoting too-good-to-be-true Mario deals
  • If you want to purchase the Nintendo Switch Mario Choose One Bundleset to be released on Mario Day, do so only via official retailers and websites
  • Watch out for any fake DLCs featuring characters from the Mario franchise and do your research before taking out your credit card
  • Be wary of Nintendo game emulators or fraudulent ads offering you a sneak peek of the upcoming Super Mario movie
  • Use a security solution to help you block scam websites and phishing attempts on your devices

If you’re planning on kicking off the Mar10 festivities with a Mario-themed party, please send us an e-vite too!

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Unbeatable threat detection and minimal impact on your system performance is a bargain that not even a superstar like Mario could turn down!




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