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First Chrome Update of 2024 Brings Important Security Fixes for Desktop and Android Users


January 05, 2024

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First Chrome Update of 2024 Brings Important Security Fixes for Desktop and Android Users

Google is rolling out the year’s first security update for its popular web browser, with important fixes both on desktop and on mobile platforms equipped with the Chrome browser.

Chrome users everywhere are being greeted by a security update notice from Google – the first for 2024. The web giant is addressing a total of six weaknesses on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers, as well as on Android phones.

Four of the flaws are considered high risk, according to the advisory, meaning users should prioritize the update and close any window of opportunity to potential malicious actors eager to exploit these weaknesses.

Simply visit your Chrome’s Settings menu, go to About Chrome and let the app fetch the update for you. When prompted, Relaunch Chrome to apply the patch.

The Android releases contain the same security fixes as their desktop counterparts. If you reap the benefits of Chrome on your Android phone, make sure you grab version 120.0.6099.193 from the Google Play store with the first change you get.

Updating Chrome on Android phones is perhaps even more important in recent times, considering the mercenary spyware threat. As highlighted in September by researchers at The Citizen Lab and Google, threat actors had been using a Chrome security weakness as part of an exploit chain to infect high-profile Android phones with Predator spyware.

Notably, the issues addressed in this week’s release are absent in the iPhone and iPad versions of Chrome. While Google typically also updates the iOS version with a clump of “stability and performance improvements,” this time there’s no update for Apple customers.

To make extra sure you’re safe from cyber threats, consider deploying a dedicated security solution on all your personal devices.

Stay safe!




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