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Digital Boys Underground Team Hits UK NHS


November 16, 2011

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Digital Boys Underground Team Hits UK NHS

This month started under bad auspices for NHS UK as its local Websites and databases are under heavy fire from the hacking team. Doncaster Medicine Management, West of Scotland Cancer Network, Palliative Care of Greater Glasgow and Clyde as well as some other databases associated with the main Web pages hosted on the nhs.uk domain are still unavailable at the moment.

While the Digital Boys aren’t actually offering any motivation for their acts, the following statement can be read on the defaced pages: “Life has betrayed me once again/I accept some things will never change”. Most of the compromised servers are hosted on Windows 2003 platforms, according to a content sharing platform holding an archive of the hacker gang`s exploits. Three months ago, the Digital Boys Underground Team attacked multiple databases hosted on the same platform, but registered to Asian domains.

Safe surfing everybody!

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