Control your privacy series: How to hide your phone number on Telegram

Cristina POPOV

February 05, 2024

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Control your privacy series: How to hide your phone number on Telegram

Telegram has a global user base of 700 million users and earned its reputation as a secure chat platform in 2019-2020 when it became a tool used by protestors for organizing large groups. This was largely due to the group chat function, allowing a Telegram group to accommodate up to 200,000 members. Its "channels" features also provided organizers with a feed for posting updates while users could keep their phone numbers hidden.

However, there are notable privacy concerns. For instance, Telegram stores user data on its servers, including usernames, IP addresses, and device information. In the event of a court order related to terrorist activities, the platform may share this information with authorities. At the same time, a breach suffered by the company would expose users' personal information. Another concern is the "People Nearby" feature, which lets users see all nearby Telegram users, not just their contacts.

Hide your phone number on Telegram

  1. Open Telegram.
  2. Access settings by tapping on the three bars and selecting "Settings."
  3. Go to Privacy and Security and then further to Phone Number.
  4. Under "Who can see my phone number," choose:
  • My contacts: Allow only people saved in your phone contacts to view your phone number.
  • Nobody: Hide your phone number from everybody.
  • Everybody: Make your phone number visible to everybody who starts chatting with you.

If you opt for "Nobody," you'll also have the option to determine "Who can find you by your number": either "everybody" or "your contacts." This allows you to control who can discover your profile or chat with you, even if they possess your phone number.

For maximum security while using Telegram, take the following measures:

  1. Always use Secret Chats to ensure messages are end-to-end encrypted
  2. Turn off the People Nearby feature to protect your location
  3. Use a VPN to shield your IP address

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Cristina POPOV

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