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Bulgarian Institutions Hit with DDoS Attack Likely Originating from Russia


October 18, 2022

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Bulgarian Institutions Hit with DDoS Attack Likely Originating from Russia

Unknown but likely Russian threat actors hit multiple Bulgarian government institutions with a significant DDoS attack, disrupting their online presence.

Since the Russian invasion of Ukraine, numerous countries have faced DDoS attacks of various intensities, with the latest one hitting airport websites in the US. While the actual impact of air travel or other parts of the aviation industry was nonexistent, it was sufficient to draw the public’s attention.

In fact, many of the registered DDoS attacks from this group in many European countries and the US, have been directed at official institutions, airports, and a few other companies. No real damage has been done.

“Here, not only the website of the presidency is under attack, the object of the attack is the entire Bulgarian state as part of the European family,” said Chief Prosecutor Ivan Geshev for Euroactiv.

The Internal Affairs Ministry, the Defence Ministry, the Justice Ministry, and the Constitutional Court were also attacked in the latest attacks, but the Sofia Globe publication says that some companies and media companies have been targeted as well.

In fact, Borislav Sarafov, Bulgaria’s National Investigation Service director, identified several suspects in Magnitogorsk, Russia. On the other hand, broadcaster Dnevnik reported that KillNet already claimed to be responsible for the attack on their Telegram channel.

This type of DDoS attack falls in line with the rest, and they all seem to originate from KillNet, a hacking collective that declared itself pro-Russia, which vowed to hit as many targets as possible at the beginning of the Ukraine invasion.




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