Bitdefender celebrates 16 years of making the world safer. Thank you for being part of it.


November 17, 2017

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Bitdefender celebrates 16 years of making the world safer. Thank you for being part of it.

Our journey toward protecting you began 16 years ago in a November just like this one. Like you, we have changed a lot since. Now, let’s celebrate staying safe together in an ever-changing world. Happy anniversary to you, too!

In 2001, a team of 30 cyber security experts in Romania had a dream: to provide excellent protection in the often dangerous and rapidly growing new world of the internet. Under the name of Bitdefender, we launched our first portfolio of products.

In 2004, we won first place in independent evaluations by the prestigious AV TEST research firm. ”This came with a mindset change in the company,” says Bitdefender CEO Florin Talpes. ”From that moment on, we have felt it is not only about being better than the competition but being the best in the market.”

There was no way back for us: we had to think and act like No 1.

We don’t protect devices, we protect people

Today, 1,300 security experts on three continents work passionately to offer security solutions for more than 500 million users in 150 countries. For YOU, specifically. Eight of our experts have been working toward this mission from the first day of the company.

The challenges we face have grown as fast as our company, our expertise and the widsom of our senior staff. Today, we deliver only the best protection, for people.

With this in mind, in 2015 we launched the unique and innovative Bitdefender BOX, a revolutionary internet security solution for the whole home. It was our milestone in shifting from protecting devices to protecting real people, families, homes and their lives. In short, You.

What’s next?

 We go on. Innovation and dreams of a secure cyber world are in our DNA, as are Romanian roots. From 2011, we have battled against cyber attacks under the standard of our Dacian ancestors: the Dacian Wolf. Half wolf and half dragon, the avatar was carried on a pole in battles to hearten the warriors and frighten enemies in old times.

We load the brilliance of our collective mind into this symbol of courage, determination and victory. This brilliance is our super-power and we place it at the core of all our game-changing products and solutions.

Today, 50% of our team works in research and development, and 25% of the research budget goes exclusively to innovations.

”We are now working on a very risky project which, if it succeeds, will change the world,” says Florin Talpes. ”We see Bitdefender becoming the company protecting communities, meaning the living and working environment seen as a whole. This is the future for Bitdefender.”

Thank you for joining us in our never-ending battle against online dangers!




The meaning of Bitdefender’s mascot, the Dacian Draco, a symbol that depicts a mythical animal with a wolf’s head and a dragon’s body, is “to watch” and to “guard with a sharp eye.”

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