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Bitdefender Adds ‘Averted Impact’ to Mobile Security to Teach Users about Real Consequences of Installing Malware


January 18, 2024

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Bitdefender Adds ‘Averted Impact’ to Mobile Security to Teach Users about Real Consequences of Installing Malware

Bitdefender has introduced the industry-first feature “Averted Impact” to Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android to show how a malware infection would affect users if the security solution weren’t there to protect them.

Knowledge is power. One of the best tools to keep users safe is to information. In this way, they’re less likely to click on links, open attachments, or install malicious apps. Knowledge and a powerful security solution make for the best possible defense.

One goal of a security solution is to be as invisible as possible to users so it does not impact their daily lives. Unfortunately, this also means that people will never know how close they come to losing their data or money. In this situation, people miss out on the opportunity to learn about threats, so the combo of protection built on user knowledge and the security solution won’t be as strong.

‘What If’ Is a Powerful Tool

The power of an informed user cannot be overstated. For this reason alone, teaching people about the threats lurking in the shadows is imperative, and there’s no better tool than ‘show and tell.’

Averted Impact shows users what would have happened had the dangerous application remained installed on the device. A glimpse of the real implications of having malware on a device might be enough to make users wary whenever a new “opportunity” presents itself.

Before this feature was added to Bitdefender Mobile Security, users were simply informed that the application was dangerous. Now, Averted Impact explains in detail what the risks are.

It’s easy to say that a piece of malware is malicious, but seeing exactly why it is malicious is a better teaching tool.

Of course, this is not the only feature focused on empowering the Android user. In 2022, with the addition of Scam Alert in Mobile Security, Bitdefender also introduced an Educational Layer that tells users of the dangers of a malicious SMS message.

It’s easy to simply install a security solution and leave it working in the background, but a safe online experience requires a more involved user. Knowledge of the real consequences of installing malware takes away the attackers’ power by bringing that information into the hands of users. Averted Impact is now available for free to new and existing Bitdefender Mobile Security for Android users.




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