BBB Warns of Taylor Swift Ticket Scams


June 23, 2023

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BBB Warns of Taylor Swift Ticket Scams

Taylor Swift fans looking for tickets to an upcoming concert from the pop artist’s record-breaking Eras Tour should watch out for scams, the Better Business Bureau (BBB) has warned.

The consumer-oriented organization said it has received numerous complaints from fans looking to snag tickets in the US or the international leg of Swift’s tour, which will include stops in Europe, South Africa and Asia.

“With most tour dates sold out, fans searching for tickets have turned to ticket resellers, where even the cheapest seats sell for hundreds of dollars,” the BBB explained. “Unfortunately, scammers have noticed the high demand and target Swifties with ticket scams.”

How the swindles work

According to the BBB, which by June 20 had already received 30 reports involving fake Taylor Swift concert tickets, most of the swindles were proliferated via social media posts.

The agency said that fans eager to find individuals re-selling their Eras Tour tickets messaged sellers who never delivered the tickets after receiving the money via Zelle or Venmo.

“The seller told me she was a verified seller and that she was an admin in the Facebook group. The transaction took place over Zelle. After the transaction occurred, the seller failed to send me the tickets and failed to send me a refund,” one of the reports reads.

“The scammers made a website that looks identical to the real Taylor Swift website,” another victim said. “It is also sponsored when you search on google.” According to the BBB’s Scam Tracker the victim lost $100 US.

How can buyers avoid phony concert tickets?

· Never rush into buying concert tickets with random strangers you meet on social media platforms. Only purchase tickets from reputable ticket vendors or look for trusted ticket brokers.

· Watch out for bargains that seem too good to be true. If someone claims to be selling tickets to a sold-out concert at an amazing price, think twice before opening your wallet.

· Scrutinize ads and unsolicited correspondence offering you last-minute tickets and deals. They could easily link to fraudulent or malicious websites.

· Double-check all details of your purchase before confirming payment.

· Avoid paying for tickets by bank transfer or peer-to-peer payment platforms. If you use a credit card, you may be able to get your money back in case it was a sham.

· Use a security solution to block and detect fraudulent and phishing links you may unknowingly access




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