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Apex Legends Players Complain Mid Tournament of Getting Hacked in Real-Time


March 18, 2024

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Apex Legends Players Complain Mid Tournament of Getting Hacked in Real-Time

An Apex Legends player complained during a live tournament that his game had been “hacked” and that he could see other characters through walls, then others followed with similar reports.

When people say they are being hacked, it’s usually related to some kind of personal information they could lose after their system has been compromised. And it generally doesn’t happen during live matches.

According to a Eurogamer report, a few players reported during the Apex Legends Global Series event that they could see through walls. Another player said that he had an aimbot installed. The general theme seems to be game-compromising events so that players would be banned. After a few incidents, the entire tournament was shut down.

“Due to the competitive integrity of this series being compromised, we have made the decision to postpone the NA finals at this time. We will share more information soon,” said the organizers on Twitter.

This situation sparked an intense discussion online because the game’s Easy Anti-Cheat solution is believed to be the actual attack vector. However, players have no evidence in this regard.

“We have investigated recent reports of a potential RCE issue within Easy Anti-Cheat. At this time - we are confident that there is no RCE vulnerability within EAC being exploited. We will continue to work closely with our partners for any follow up support needed,” was posted on Easy Anti-Cheat Twitter account.

Also, a well-known anti-cheating group posted a warning on Twitter regarding this situation.

“Attention to all players who participated in the ALGS tournament, I strongly recommend that you take immediate measures to protect your personal information. It is advisable that you change your Discord passwords and ensure that your emails are secure. also enable MFA for all your accounts if you have not done it yet perform a clean OS reinstall as soon as possible. Do not take any chances with your personal information, your PC may have been exposed to a rootkit or other malicious software that could cause further damage.”

A much more likely scenario is that people downloaded malicious software and compromised their own systems.

The gaming community is very competitive, and gamers have been known to go to extremes to disrupt online tournaments, including renting DDoS services to disrupt matches.




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