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Anonymous Claims to Prepare Hit on Facebook


November 11, 2011

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Anonymous Claims to Prepare Hit on Facebook

In a recent video post by Anonymous Central, the hacktivist group said it intends to invade Facebook accounts with a “highly sophisticated” piece of malware, codenamed Fawkes Virus.

Allegedly, the malware ” which was “fully written” by Anonymous’ programmers ” has already been tested and has been out since July.

Fawkes Virus consists of a “highly sophisticated worm, with advanced network self-replication and remote abilities,” according to the message. It “sends out malicious links and gains access of your account.”

If it`s not a hoax, it appears to have the characteristics of 2008’s KoobFace, but unlike its predecessor it should also receive commands from a remote attacker and simulate “basic actions on Facebook accounts, such as sending a friend request or a message”. The worm could be carried onto other account with little or no interaction, as it allegedly bypasses your application security and automatically sends infected links to the unsuspected contacts in the list of friends.

The group said that “after the worm is under control, Anonymous will use this to its advantage against corruption and as an alternative attack toward groups who take on Anonymous.”

The description fits the profile of classic Facebook scams, on the one hand. And considering the previously rumored takedown of the social network on Nov. 5 that actually didn’t happen, the big question is: is this for real?

Safe surfing everybody!

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