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Android 14 Will Feature New Malware-Blocking Technology


February 09, 2023

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Android 14 Will Feature New Malware-Blocking Technology

Google’s highly anticipated Android 14 operating system will feature an array of novel malware-blocking technologies, the company announced today, heralding a jump forward in the battle against cyberthreats targeting phone users.

One of the most noteworthy measures in Android 14 is that all apps must clearly state how they plan to use various phone features. With this information readily available at the point of download, users can make informed decisions about which apps pose a risk to their privacy or safety.

“These changes prevent malicious apps from intercepting implicit intents that are intended for use by an app's internal components,” according to Android 14 documentation.

In addition, data exchange between apps on Android 14 will be more tightly regulated than in previous versions. This aims to reduce unauthorized access between different applications installed on a device.

Furthermore, it is expected that any additional files downloaded by apps will only be able to be accessed in read-only mode—meaning no changes can be made without explicit permission from the user.

The change requires that, for Android 14 apps that use Dynamic Code Loading (DCL), “all dynamically-loaded files must be marked as read-only.” Failing to do so will trigger a system exception.

“We recommend that apps avoid dynamically loading code whenever possible, as doing so greatly increases the risk that an app can be compromised by code injection or code tampering,” Google explains.

Last, but certainly not least, the platform’s latest update seeks to combat malicious programs designed explicitly with older API levels in mind—targeting devices running outdated systems with potentially unaddressed vulnerabilities.

However, this measure will also make it increasingly difficult, if not downright impossible, for users to install apps that haven’t been updated in a long time on their devices.




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