6 practical tips to safeguard your identity and money while traveling this summer


July 07, 2023

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6 practical tips to safeguard your identity and money while traveling this summer

Cybersecurity should remain a top priority, whether you’re on a staycation, traveling through Europe or heading to a more exotic destination this summer.

Why? Cybercriminals and fraudsters never take a break. They constantly targeting consumers, especially during the summer when they take advantage of users’ possible ignorance and distractions as they bring work on the road to their holiday destination.

So, just as you protect your wallet from crooks, you should take a moment to assess your cybersecurity posture to avoid any security pitfalls or threats you may bump into along the way.

Here’s what you can do to ensure that your digital assets, identity and money are safe while you’re on vacation:

1.   Prepare the devices you’ll take with you on vacation. Make sure all of your devices are password-protected and install all pending security updates or patches on all of your devices. Install a local security solution to protect against malicious attacks and phishing, and don’t forget to back up your data in case of device theft or loss. You can also set up any ‘find my device’ features that can all you to track misplaced devices or wipe any sensitive data to prevent others from using it. As an extra precaution, disable any automatic Bluetooth connectivity to prevent snoops from connecting to your device.

2.   Review online accounts to ensure that they are all set with robust and unique passwords and add additional layers of security by enabling 2FA or MFA. While on holiday, monitor your accounts for suspicious activity. You can add a password manager to enhance the security of all your accounts and safeguard sensitive information.

3.    Avoid sharing information about your trip on social media – digital miscreants thrive on overshared information. Don’t post details of your travel plans, as it may give criminals an advantage (they may try to break into your home or use any details you post to scam relatives and friends).

4.   Don’t connect to free public Wi-Fi to conduct financial transactions or to work. Use only password-protected networks and install a VPN to inhibit others from eavesdropping on your online activity and steal your information

5.    Remain vigilant on holiday – keep devices with you at all times or locked up in a safe at your hotel. If you plan on working remotely, consider using a protective screen for privacy and keep data safe from visual hacking

6.    Monitor your accounts for any data breaches and leaks. Use identity protection services to alert you in the unfortunate event your personal data is compromised in a data breach while on vacation. This will allow you to act immediately and limit potential damages so you can still enjoy some well-deserved downtime.

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Safe travels!




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