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2K Games Warns Users of Incoming Attacks as Stolen Data Is Now for Sale


October 10, 2022

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2K Games Warns Users of Incoming Attacks as Stolen Data Is Now for Sale

2K Games warned its user base about that it suffered a data breach last month, meaning users should start preparing for a wave of spam, phishing and fraud attempts likely powered by data stolen in the initial attack.

On September 19, hackers compromised the help desk platform, allowing them to send malware-ridden support tickets to people. Since the attackers had enough access to perform this kind of attack, they also had access to do other things, such as stealing user information.

2K sent an email informing users that some of their personal information was stolen and that they would need to take additional security measures.

"Following further investigation, we discovered that the unauthorized third party accessed and copied some of the personal data we record about you when you contact us for support: the name given when contacting us, email address, helpdesk identification number, gamertag and console details," said the company in the email.

2K also added that, while there's no indication that financial information or passwords held on their systems made their way in the hackers' hands, it's still a good idea to change the password as soon as possible and enable multi-factor authentication, preferably avoiding SMS-based solutions.

According to a Bleeping Computer report, the hackers have already posted stolen information on a forum looking for a buyer, but it doesn't include the passwords.

"This is a database of the 2K Games Support it includes id, username, email, zendesk_email, real_name, platform. It includes 4 Million+ lines of everyone who has sent a support email to 2k," said the hackers.

Because the incident also resulted in a direct attack on users by sending them malware, 2K advises customers install a reliable security solution to detect and prevent such security incidents.




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