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New Bitdefender EDR for MSPs, Ransomware Mitigation and additional enhancements

Cristian Iordache

November 27, 2020

New Bitdefender EDR for MSPs, Ransomware Mitigation and additional enhancements
  • New lightweight Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) product that works alongside third-party AV/Endpoint Security products
  • New Ransomware Mitigation – Ability to restore files encrypted in a ransomware attack from tamper-proof copies (Available from the console for all MSPS without extra cost)
  • Risk Analytics enhancements – Calculate risk scores taking into account the industry and specific threats and toggle user activity monitoring on/off
  • New Executive Dashboard - Get all the key information around detections and security posture for customer companies in an easy-to-use visual format that can be shared with clients

New Bitdefender EDR for MSPs

The November 2020 Bitdefender GravityZone release brings important new functionality enabling Managed Service Providers to boost visibility and cyber resilience.

When attacks bypass prevention layers, MSPs need a strategy and tools to ensure cyber resilience and compliance even for smaller customers. This requires visibility into suspicious activities and the attack chain, and simple threat investigation and response capabilities.

For MSPs that don’t want to remove existing endpoint security tools, but seek a quick way to strengthen protection and see what threats are being missed, the new lightweight Bitdefender EDR is the perfect solution.

The new standalone Bitdefender EDR product is available for MSPs with monthly usage-based licensing from the multitenant GravityZone console. It features an extensive range of machine learning and behavioral technologies perfected since 2009 -- technologies that have earned Bitdefender the #1 spot in the MITRE 2020 ATT&CK testing for attack coverage and actionable detections.

Ransomware Mitigation and other functionality enhancements

Ransomware Mitigation is a new feature in the core product for MSPs starting with the November 2020 GravityZone release.

Once enabled from the console, the feature monitors suspicious activities and creates secure copies of encrypted files that can be restored after a ransomware attack. The feature adds to the extensive set of hardening and AI-powered prevention and behavioral detection functionality to give MSPs and customers peace of mind.
Unlike similar functionality available on the market, Bitdefender Ransomware Mitigation is tamper-proof and does not rely on shadow copies, which are often deleted by advanced ransomware.

The last release also makes a new Executive Dashboard available for all MSPs within the GravityZone console, providing a centralized graphical summary of the detections and security posture for each customer. Risk Analytics reveals vulnerable configurations, missing patches and human risk, and can now factor in specific industries and the threats they are prone to when calculating risk scores.

Be sure to join our live webinar to learn how the new features help MSPs, and check the Release Notes available here for more details on the November 2020 GravityZone functionality enhancements.

New GravityZone MSP technologies for attack resilience




Cristian Iordache

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