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Kick Off 2020 Securely With GravityZone™

Andra Cazacu

January 09, 2020

Kick Off 2020 Securely With GravityZone™

Three Major Awards Mark A Milestone for Bitdefender’s Integrated Security Across Endpoint, Network and Cloud!

From crippling ransomware attacks to a near-miss of WannaCry 2.0, 2019 has been anything but short of security incidents, with major attacks popping up in the media on an almost weekly basis. The line between standard and advanced security is blurring, and tools today need to be able to fight off both everyday threats and targeted attacks in real-life conditions (without relying on signatures, and instead focusing on behavioral detection). Criminals will also be poking for new security blind-spots in your network, as the attack surface only continues to grow and IoTs together with public cloud workloads are new favorite targets for infiltrating networks or stealing data.

Both industry analysts and our customers seem to agree that the future relies on expanding standard and advanced security capabilities to every corner of an infrastructure. 2020 expects Bitdefender and the rest of the security vendors to offer all this and more under one roof, to alleviate management complexity that would take to run several solutions in parallel.

But can we realistically expect a single unified security platform that spreads across the entire infrastructure, from various types of endpoints to cloud workloads and even IoTs, to provide us effective security across the board?


What Marks A Relentless Endpoint Protection? Perfect, 100% Score Against Both Everyday Attacks and Rare APTs

Last year, companies not only felt the threat of the estimated $1bn. malware in the wild, but also that of increasingly sophisticated tools to deliver malware, such as PowerShell attacks or exploit kits leveraging highly virulent vulnerabilities such as BlueKeep. New forms of ransomware such as Ryuk turned from spray-and-pray techniques to targeting specific organization and requesting a higher ransomware - an estimated 10 times the average in Ryuk’s case.

Bitdefender already had a long-standing history in delivering state of the art prevention, but this December marked a new milestone in the acknowledgement of its unique defensive capabilities against the most significant treats actually found in the wild in 2019.

Bitdefender was put to test by leading independent organization AV-Comparatives against both everyday malware and highly sophisticate APTs and scored a staggering 100% in both tests. What’s more, the double perfect score was achieved in what the lab calls real-world conditions, that do not take into consideration signatures and instead rely exclusively on the proactive, behavioral  capabilities of the solution. Reaching 100% detection is a difficult task in itself, but the dual perfect scores shows the solutions unique capability in protecting endpoints and virtual workload from an entire array of threats.

               AV1         AV2


How to Measure The Quality of Cloud Defense Solutions? Acknowledged Leader In The Inaugural Forrester® Wave™ For Cloud Workload Security

Cloud was and still is one of the leading IT trends. Today, even more circumspect countries are gradually starting to adopt and consume Cloud, and hackers are taking advantage of workloads that are sometimes left unprotected and can serve as a direct line to company data. Aside from stealing information, cloud workloads are also a favorite target for crypto-miners, that will often mine memory and leave cloud bills surging for the unexpecting business.


Securing workloads also requires a specialized approach, that will not impact consolidation ratios or app performance, and that can ideally integrate natively with the virtualization platform to streamline deployment and management (such as non-persistent VDIs).

This and more are what leading Forrester® analyst firm evaluated in their inaugural WAVE™ for CWS. After nailing down 13 top cloud security vendors and heavily testing their defense, management, and performance capabilities, Forrester singled our Bitdefender as one of the three global leaders in delivering effective cloud security.


How Does Effective Network Traffic Analytics Work? Increased Visibility and IoT Security.

Imagine a rogue cryptojacking software infecting an MRI machine and affecting its accuracy during consultations. Unfortunately, this was an actual case discovered during a POC of Bitdefender’s network traffic analytic solution in a hospital infrastructure.

This is just one example of many in which behavioral analysis of network traffic is complementing endpoint security capabilities by increasing visibility into advanced attacks and helping secure defend IoTs and other devices that cannot be managed by agent-based security. The unique security insights are delivered in real-time and help IT reduce the attack detection time, making a difference across many industries, not just healthcare.

WinnerIn 2019, Bitdefender introduced Network Traffic Security Analytics (NTSA) into its portfolio, alongside its GravityZone™ endpoint and cloud security solutions. The success of the NTSA addition was marked by the award for Best Network Security Vendor of the Year in the 8th edition of TahawulTech.

Our customers are now able to add network-based defenses to their security posture, and with minimum management hassles. The new security solution is integrated with the same console as the endpoint and cloud security layers, enabling centralized management across endpoint, network and cloud, as well as automated alert triage to improve incident response.



2020. The Year of Integrated Security

A single unified security platform is only as good as the sum of its parts. Having the right coverage is the right place to start, and then make sure each part is acknowledged for its distinct capabilities for respectable analyst firms or independent reviewers. Finally, make sure the vendor has the ability to have those parts in sync, moving together as one.

It is this combination that gives you a full attack visibility, an accelerated time-to-detection and, equally important, streamlined security management across the entire infrastructure. And whatever you choose, don’t compromise on detection.





Andra Cazacu

Andra Cazacu, PMC Level III Certified, AltMBA Alumni, is leading the enterprise integrated solutions team at Bitdefender. As a senior security expert with a mix background of technology and product marketing, her focus for the past 10 years has been to explore how companies anticipate and prevent breaches, through the adoption emerging technologies, key partnerships between security and virtualization providers, as well as public and private sector collaborations. She is happiest when uncovering new and existing use cases for machine learning and other technologies designed to hold cyber criminals at bay so she can contribute to making the corporate world a safer place.

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