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Forrester Wave for EDR 2020: Bitdefender 'the biggest EDR vendor you haven’t considered but should have'

Bitdefender Enterprise
Forrester Wave for EDR 2020: Bitdefender 'the biggest EDR vendor you haven’t considered but should have'

Bitdefender, a leading global cybersecurity company protecting over 500 million systems worldwide, has been named a “strong performer” in The Forrester Wave™: Enterprise Detection And Response, Q1 2020 report, based on its offering, strategy and market presence.

The latest Forrester WAVE for EDR report is out, and we’re proud to have been named a Wave Strong Performer in EDR, a privileged spot in the Strong Performers group. This is further confirmation of Bitdefender’s leadership position in the EDR space, after the recent 100% APT detection score from AV-Comparatives, and the just-announced Best Protection Award from AV-TEST.


Security analytics, incident response, performance and management, united in a top-of-the-line product


This is Bitdefender’s debut in Forrester’s EDR WAVE, and the prestigious analysis firm has already nominated our EDR solution as a key offering in the security space. Performance, security analytics, incident response and simplified management capabilities are key reasons for Forrester placing Bitdefender in a privileged spot in the Strong Performers group.

 Forrester Ware EDR report Q1 2020 - top detection and response vendors

“Bitdefender is democratizing advanced security technologies by focusing on the prevention of early kill chain events and the delivery of automated remediation post-execution,” Forrester writes in its evaluation. “This strategy, delivered through direct, OEM, and managed service channels, makes Bitdefender one of the biggest EDR vendors.”


For more than 18 years, Bitdefender has led the pack in detection technologies. Our security is integrated in more than 38% of competing business products around the world, but the management capabilities in Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra have been equally acclaimed in this report.


Outside the analyst space, Bitdefender’s offering remains highly regarded by leading independent testing labs firms too. Both AV-Test and AV-Comparatives have recently ranked Bitdefender at the top of their most prestigious testing. AV-Test just named the Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra solution as the winner of its Best Protection Award for its performance in testing throughout 2019.


AV-Comparatives confirmed the same performance three months ago, when Bitdefender GravityZone Ultra scored 100% in its inaugural advanced attack test.

AV Tets - Best Protection Award for Endpoint Security (Ultra)  AC Comparatives - Certefied ATP Enterprise


A product that customers (and analysts) love


Bitdefender’s industry-wide leadership in terms of quality is appreciated not only by sector analysts, but also by customers.


“GravityZone Ultra is the next step in security protection,” said Lance Harris, Chief Information Security Officer, Esurance. “EDR makes detection more accurate and provides solid background on what’s happening at the endpoint. This helps us decide how to respond— whether we quarantine, lock down, or delete files.”


Read more about our case study with Esurance.


Don’t take our word for granted, give it a try


Stay safe from day-to-day malware and other emerging cyberthreats with an end-to-end breach avoidance solution, incorporating hardening, prevention, detection and response under a single agent, single platform. Request a demo of Bitdefender GravityZone™ Ultra Plus today.

Download forester new wave report for edr




Bitdefender Enterprise

Bitdefender is a cybersecurity leader delivering best-in-class threat prevention, detection, and response solutions worldwide. Guardian over millions of consumer, enterprise, and government environments, Bitdefender is one of the industry’s most trusted experts for eliminating threats, protecting privacy, digital identity and data, and enabling cyber resilience. With deep investments in research and development, Bitdefender Labs discovers hundreds of new threats each minute and validates billions of threat queries daily. The company has pioneered breakthrough innovations in antimalware, IoT security, behavioral analytics, and artificial intelligence and its technology is licensed by more than 180 of the world’s most recognized technology brands. Founded in 2001, Bitdefender has customers in 170+ countries with offices around the world.

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