Bitdefender Provides Cross-Platform Visibility and Security to Windows Defender ATP users

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November 08, 2017

Bitdefender Provides Cross-Platform Visibility and Security to Windows Defender ATP users

Targetted attacks and advanced persistent threats have become the new normal in enterprises the world over. As high profile attacks multiply, the need for comprehensive threat intelligence across the organization becomes mandatory.

In collaboration with Microsoft, Bitdefender has developed security agents for enterprises seeking additional threat protection for their Mac devices and Linux servers. The tight integration between our award-winning GravityZone Cloud endopint protection platform and Microsoft’s Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection (WDATP) solution  enables Microsoft customers to detect, view, investigate, and respond to advanced cyber-attacks and data breaches on Mac OS and Linux-based endpoints within the WDATP Management Console.

“Bitdefender now allows Windows Defender ATP customers to extend their ATP service to non-Windows devices by leveraging Bitdefender’s anti-malware complete advanced threat defense solution” said Moti Gindi, General Manager Windows Cyber Defense, Microsoft.“ This provides Sec-ops and IT pros holistic protection and visibility across their Windows and non-windows clients and ensures they can quickly and accurately detect, investigate and respond to attacks across their entire installed base.”

Bitdefender was selected for this partnership due to its long-standing reputation for having the highest malware detection efficacy and fewest false positives for Mac and Linux endpoints. Breakthrough technologies such as machine learning, behavioral analytics,  layered defenses against fileless attacks or best-in-class clean-up solutions on the market ensure full protection against the entire spectrum of cyber-threats.

“We are delighted to have this opportunity to work with Microsoft and be a ‘go-to’ partner for their Windows Defender ATP customers that need to protect Mac and Linux devices,” said Vince Schiavo, Bitdefender’s SVP of Worldwide Enterprise Sales and Marketing. “Our engineers did a marvelous job of integrating our two products so that Microsoft customers can enjoy a seamless management interface to oversee security not just for their massive Windows endpoint deployments, but their Mac and Linux endpoints as well.” 

For more information on how to stop advanced threats and stay ahead of attackers, please refer to the GravityZone Cloud integration page. For more information about the Windows Defender Advanced Threat Protection Program, please visit



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