Bitdefender and Amazon Web Services Strengthen Cloud Security

Bitdefender and Amazon Web Services Strengthen Cloud Security

It’s no secret that cloud computing is growing rapidly. Over the past several years, organizations of all sizes and across all industries have been increasingly adopting cloud technologies to experience benefits such as increased efficiency, ability to rapidly deploy new applications and services, improved scalability, and more. Then, in 2020, the global pandemic hit and the world was thrust into remote work and learning. Organizations were forced to rapidly accelerate their digital transformation initiatives and began swiftly deploying new cloud-based technologies to support remote work and collaboration.

Public cloud spending worldwide increased 23% in 2021 alone as businesses continued moving their enterprise workloads and traditional network computing infrastructure to the cloud. And the migration continues to gain speed today – Gartner estimates that by 2025, more than 95% of new digital workloads will be deployed on cloud-native platforms, up from just 30% in 2021.

Increased threats targeting public clouds

Unfortunately, wherever organizations move their valuable data, cybersecurity threats are sure to follow, and attackers have likewise turned their attention toward public clouds. They scan cloud infrastructure for misconfigurations that can allow them to gain a foothold into the organization. Once in, they hijack organizations’ cloud computing power for cryptojacking or to spread malware and advanced persistent threats (APT) such as ransomware campaigns.

Cyber criminals always go where the money is, and as organizations increasingly rely on the cloud for their workloads, data storage and business infrastructure, cybersecurity threats targeting the cloud are sure to grow.

Protecting AWS cloud accounts

To help organizations protect their cloud accounts, Bitdefender has collaborated with Amazon Web Services (AWS) to support Bitdefender anti-malware technologies within Amazon GuardDuty.

Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior to protect Amazon Simple Storage Service (S3) cloud storage accounts, workloads, and data. It enables AWS customers to quickly expose and respond to potential threats in their cloud environments, guard against unauthorized access, and gain insight into security events and impacted resources. Bitdefender antimalware technology provides AWS customers with advanced threat detection to identify known and unknown malware, zero-day attacks and malicious activity so AWS customers can prevent them from infiltrating their cloud environments.

One of the main challenges organizations face today is that, as they adopt more public and private clouds, the complexity of securing their workloads across a hybrid, multi-cloud environment increases significantly, and many lack visibility into threats targeting their cloud workloads at runtime. The placement of Bitdefender technology into Amazon GuardDuty is focused on addressing this challenge, providing AWS customers visibility, advanced threat detection, and additional layers of security defense for robust runtime protection for all cloud workloads across Windows and Linux operating systems.

Amazon GuardDuty Bitdefender support

The integrated security workflow provides GuardDuty customers multiple layers of protection, including heuristic analysis, machine-learning models for standard detection, advanced signature-less detection, signature-based detection and emulation. When Bitdefender detects a known or unknown malware strain in a GuardDuty customer’s cloud environment, it alerts the customer and provides contextualized, actionable insights to help accelerate and guide response actions to maintain a secure cloud workload.

AWS is far and away the market leader in public cloud infrastructure, with 33% market share – more than the next two largest competitors combined. Bitdefender is proud to collaborate with the industry leader to help organizations around the globe become more cyber resilient and secure their cloud workloads. The advanced, real-time threat intelligence and threat detection capabilities provided by Bitdefender will help organizations stop attacks before they can gain a foothold in their environment.

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As part of the AWS Market Place, Amazon GuardDuty customers can quickly and easily upgrade to a full Bitdefender license for automated remediation capabilities to eliminate detected threats from their environment.


To learn more about Bitdefender threat prevention, detection and response solutions for AWS visit the AWS Partner Network.


Learn more about Cloud Workload Security from Bitdefender here.



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