AV-TEST Ranks Bitdefender Endpoint Protection as Top Business Solution

Andrei Pisau

February 04, 2016

AV-TEST Ranks Bitdefender Endpoint Protection as Top Business Solution

CIOs and CISOs unanimously agree that IT departments need beefed-up security with solutions that can not only cope with an ever-increasing number of threats, but also integrate with existing infrastructure to minimize both deployment and performance impact.

Independent tester AV-TEST is known for thoroughly testing endpoint security for threat detection capabilities, performance impact and usability, establishing itself as one of the most respected and impartial independent testers. It is because of this that IT security managers carefully assess such findings and make important strategic decisions based on these results.

With technology executives expecting to spend between 1% and 5% of their revenue on IT security, security and risk management are two challenges that can also be addressed by due diligence on endpoint protection security solutions.

The Best Security Solution for Windows Business Clients

Tests during November-December 2015 once again found our business solution offers 100 percent protection against 0-day malware attacks - including web and e-mail threats – and detects a widespread and prevalent range of real-world malware samples.

Performance tests have also revealed that visiting websites, downloading software, installing and running programs and copying data have minimum impact on the overall performance of the endpoint security suite, rating the Bitdefender Endpoint Solution below the 2-second industry average, with a 1-second performance penalty.

The usability of the whole computer when the full-fledged solution is up and running has also been rated as the best there is, scoring a whopping 6.0 points out of a maximum 6.0. With zero false warnings or blockages when visiting websites, false warnings of certain actions while installing and using legitimate software or false blockages of certain actions while installing and using legitimate software do not affect the usability of the computer when the Bitdefender Endpoint Security is deployed.

Money Drives Threats

Our 2016 security predictions estimate that companies will be more targeted by blitzkrieg attacks aimed either at publicly shaming then or at delivering some form of infection to extort them for money.

As money continues to determine the number and complexity of threats thrown at companies, small and medium businesses that will take the brunt of it. While Gartner predicts IT spending will reach a total $3.54 trillion dollars in 2016, IT security spending will increase from $2.3 billion in fiscal year 2015 to $2.7 billion in fiscal year 2020, according to IDC. SMBs will start investing more in endpoint security software as they gain traction and head towards larger revenue numbers, while large companies will likely spend more on compliance.

Consequently, the corporate security plan will dramatically change, hopefully not by diminishing productivity by but by balancing security and user experience. Bitdefender’s Endpoint Security has done a commendable job so far in tackling this issue, with an entire history of leading AV-TEST results



Andrei Pisau

Andrei, as Bitdefender’s Senior Director of Product Management for Enterprise Solutions, leverages over 15 years of experience in software engineering and product management to build security solutions that speak to customer needs. A leader of the B2B2B line of business, he spearheads efforts to deliver superior technologies such as Advanced Threat Intelligence and early breach detection solutions to Technology Partners and enterprises worldwide.

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