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Adding correct ports in AWS Security Group for ensuring proper communication

Bitdefender Security for Amazon Web Services implements simplified management and deployment through an intuitive web-based console that helps overcome administrative complexity. Tightly integrated with Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2) web services, the Security Console enables centralized management, reporting and configuration of the protected instances, providing users with a unified view of the security status across all supported AWS regions.

This article is listing the ports that you will need to add in Amazon Security Groups for ensuring proper communication between Bitdefender Silent Agent thin client, Security Servers and Console.

Amazon EC2 security groups must allow inbound access to SSH and RDP during installation of Silent Agent on instances. If you run firewall software on your instances, make sure to configure it to allow access to all of the previously specified ports.

Port Usage
SSH (22) Port used to access instances running on Linux.
RDP (3389) Port used to access instances running on Windows.
8082 Communication port between Silent Agent and Security Console.
7081 Communication port between Silent Agent and the scan daemon running on the Security Virtual Appliance.
7074 Communication port between Silent Agent and the Update Server hosted by Security Console.

The ports must be added also by users that have VPC instances in Amazon Web Services. Our recommendation is to add as a source address but, if you require to allow traffic only for specific IP addresses, please contact Bitdefender customer support.

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