Multiple security solutions on your PC

Author: Ioana Bistriceanu

Most users feel that the more security solutions on their PC, the more protected they are. Well, this isn’t true. In reality, the more security solutions on your machine, the less protected you are. You can find below a detailed explanation on why that is.

Any security solution has an interface where you can adjust different settings. Behind this user interface there are processes and drivers, which are active components of that security solution that are loaded at all times on the PC. Even if you disable all modules from the interface, the processes and most important, the drivers, remain loaded on your PC. Even if the application will not take any decisions and will not actually protect your PC, all traffic and file access are still filtered, just that no blocking decisions are taken.

Because a security solution is meant to protect your PC, it constantly scans all files that are being accessed at any moment (not modified, accessed. For example, if you simply click on a file, it will be scanned). When the application scans such a file, first it locks it (the drivers I mentioned before allow the application to take full control over each file on your PC) and then it performs the scanning algorithms and such.

Now, if you have 2 security solutions, they will both have such a driver/(s) that allows full access to all files. These 2 drivers can conflict each other because they will both try to lock the same file in the same time, but only one will (probably) succeed, while the other can either move on or crash. This is only one of the many situations when security solutions can conflict.

It's not at all a marketing thing, it's just the plain fact that security solutions, because they have the same behavior and need to take the same actions, will conflict. I'm now talking about a wide range of security solutions.

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