How to set-up your wireless connection

Author: Ioana Bistriceanu

Today is all about the Internet. Staying connected has proved to be a part of everyday life. And when your connection’s down, you’d love to have a handy guide on how to get it back up as soon as possible. So go ahead and print this article and store it on your desk.

The first step would be to check that all the cables are in the right place, and that the modem or router is displaying the correct number of lights in the correct state (some should be blinking green; others are solid green, depending on the ISP and the manufacturer).

Afterwards, you might want to try the Diagnose and Repair option in Windows – it might come in handy. And it might fix the issue.

If you still can’t get your daily dose of Internets, then try restarting the router/modem. I can’t tell you how many times it’s worked for me.

If neither option helps you, it might be time to contact your Internet Service Provider, and have them check that their servers are up and running.

If, on the other hand, there are certain websites that aren’t responsive or not loading at all, you might want to take a look at the Connection Settings. To do that, you can either open Internet Explorer or get to Internet Options > Connection > LAN Settings or click on Start and type inetcpl.cpl, then hit Enter. Click on Connection > LAN Settings and make sure the data is correct.

If you know you connect through a proxy, make sure the address and port are correct. Your ISP can help you with that. If, on the other hand, you have no knowledge whatsoever of a proxy, then odds are a pesky Browser Helper Object hijacked that. To correct it, delete the address and port and tick the “Automatically Detect Settings” option.

That’s all for today. And remember, Tech Assist is here to help you with any PC-related issue. Go to and contact us. Have real people help with your computer.