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What to do when Home Page resets to about:blank in Internet Explorer

Browser hijacking is one of the most widespread infection. The purpose of hijacker is to force people into visiting unwanted websites. Changed homepage of a web browser is the most obvious and the most common symptom of residing browser hijacker.  It modifies the homepage and it keeps changing it to the same predefined address if user attempts to change it into some regular website.

Due to security reasons whenever Bitdefender cleans an infection that hijacks your browser it will reset your Internet Explorer settings so there can be no traces left from the infection.  Therefore the only way to make sure the disinfection routine was successful is to reset your homepage and search engine, preventing you in this way from future infections.

To change your Internet Explorer homepage back to what it was please proceed as follows:

1.       Make sure  the Bitdefender scanning process is completed; if you are not seeing any scanning interface also check for a moving blue B icon in the system tray;

2.       For changing back the webpage we recommend you to let Bitdefender clean your PC first  and wait until the scan is complete;

3.       Restart your computer;

4.       Set your homepage. You can check the Microsoft KB articles below for step by step instructions:

How to Change your Windows Internet Explorer home page

Note: use the down arrow from the right side to choose the Internet Explorer version from the drop down menu

5.       If you still cannot change your home page, use the ChangeHomePage tool in order to do that:

a)      Open Bitdefender and  temporarily turn off the On Access Scanning feature and the Active Virus Control feature (both can be found under the Antivirus module);

b)      Click here to download the tool for Windows Vista/7/8 and here for Windows XP;

c)      Run the tool on your PC, click Yes if asked for permission;

d)       A black command prompt window should appear. Please enter the home page you want to set for your Internet Explorer Home Page and hit Enter

e)      You will receive a message “The operation completed successfully”;

f)      Press any key to close the window;

g)        Turn back on On Access Scanning and Active Virus Control.

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