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Troubleshooting deploying client packages issues

1. Automatic Deployment prompts for username/password or fails - client security policy.
In some cases, when deploying to Windows XP Professional machines, the deployment task may fail due to security policy settings on the target machine(s). To verify the security policy settings, please do the following on the target machine(s):
  1. Go to Control Panel -> Administrative Tools;
  2. Open Local Security Policy;
  3. In the left pane, go to Security Settings -> Local Policies -> Security Options;
  4. In the right pane, look for a policy named Network Access: Sharing and security model for local accounts. This item needs to be set to Classic.
2. Automatic Deployment fails on 98/ME/XP Home machines.
Bitdefender Enterprise Manager cannot perform automatic client deployment to Windows 98/ME/XP Home operating systems, due to certain security policies which are resident in these operating systems. In order to deploy to machines with these operating systems, you will need to create an unattended package. To do this, please do the following:
  1. Open the Enterprise Manager console. Click on Tools -> Deployment Tool and then click Next;
  2. Select Create an unattended installation package for later use, and then click Next;
  3. Select the appropriate package from the packages list and click Next;
  4. Set your application installation parameters and click Next;
  5. Set your deployment parameters and click Next;
  6. Browse to the location where you want to save the packaged installation file;
  7. Once the path has been entered, click Next;
  8. Click Finish. Your installation is now packaged into a single executable file. You will next need to move this file to a network location that is accessible by your target Win98/ME/XP Home machines, or save it to removable media (CD, flash drive, etc.). You will then need to go to each of your Win98/ME/XP Home PC's and launch the executable locally. Once installation is complete, reboot the PC. After rebooting, you will be able to manage the Bitdefender installation on that workstation from the Enterprise Management console.
3. Ports 4077 and 4078 need to be opened on firewall.
If a firewall exists, either on the client, the machine running Enterprise Manager, or somewhere in between, ports 4077 and 4078 need to be opened on that firewall to allow for client deployment as well as management of deployed clients.
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