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Release Notes for GravityZone (Cloud-Based) November 2019 Update


Amazon EC2 Integration

  • GravityZone now replicates the instances inventory from region EU Stockholm.
  • The hourly billing engine for AWS Marketplace subscribers now includes all newer EC2 instance types.


  • Added new Indicators of Risk:
    • Macro settings for Microsoft Office applications
    • Credential storage for several applications including some of the most popular browsers and email management tools out there
  • Added new recommendations to better manage Local Group policies.


  • Updated the Add URL as exception action button to change dynamically into Add IP as exception, when the domain node is an IP instead of an URL.

Network Inventory

  • A new type of entities in Network Inventory: golden images
    Mark the endpoints you use for creating clones and avoid duplicates in Network Inventory. Keep track of your golden images by using the available filters.
    important Important:
    This feature is disabled by default. To enable it, select Avoid duplicates of cloned endpoints in Configuration > Network Settings.
  • More relevant messages in Control Center when Mac clients have issues. For example, now you know if macOS hasn’t granted the agent permissions such as access to the disk drive.

Public API

  • You can now check the monthly usage of the following features:
    • Security for Virtualized Environments (Virtual Servers, and VDI)
    • Advanced Threat Security (HyperDetect and Sandbox Analyzer)
    • Patch Management
    • Email Security
    • EDR

    For this purpose, use the getMonthlyUsage method.

  • The getAccountsList method now returns details about 2FA status.

Resolved Issues


  • Incident graph was moving outside the display area when Hide nodes was used.
  • More Details button in Navigator menu no longer worked when closing the Node Details panel.
  • Command lines were not displayed properly in the Node Details panel.
  • Adding an exception for a domain node (by clicking the Add URL as exception) would not work when the domain was an IP/Mask instead of an URL.
  • Clicking a notification for a new EDR incident was causing an error.


  • Indicators of Risk lane was not loading in Full-screen mode.
  • Some IOR rules were not being displayed properly in the Device Risk Lane > Details section.

Network Inventory

  • Endpoints appeared duplicated in Network Inventory due to system cloning. We introduced a new entity in Network Inventory, called golden image, to avoid such situations. For details, check the Improvements section.

Device Control

  • Deleting a Device Control exclusion from the policy also deleted the first item in the list.


  • Duplicates of some scheduled reports were sent to email.

Email Security

  • Email addresses of previously deleted users were not available to new accounts.
  • Email Security was unavailable to Partners when the Manage Companies rights were missing.
  • Added links to guides in the Help & Support page.


  • Some texts and images were untranslated.
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