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Product update for Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers

Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers products protect Windows Server operating systems from known and unknown security threats with award winning proactive antivirus, antispyware, antispam, antiphishing, content and attachment filtering technologies. The solution secures organizations services and provides increased productivity by blocking any threat and providing common centralized management tools.


Bitdefender launched a new product update for the Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers suite on 8th of October 2013, taking this product to the version. This update replaces update, including all of its improvements along with additional bug fixes.


  • Antispam performance and scanning speed optimizations
  • Integrated the latest antispam cloud filtering technologies (enabled/disabled via the Allow queries to BitDefender servers to improve 0-day spam detection policy option). For improved detection rates, keep this option enabled.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed issue with antispam engines not loading new signatures after update in some particular situations. The issue affected antispam detection and was especially noticeable for servers with longer uptime.
  • Fixed issue with antispam filtering not working when disabling check box "Let BitDefender antispam engines determine the spam status of the mail" in the antispam rules. This issue occurred only in version.

Update Installation

This product update affects Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers and Bitdefender Security for Exchange. Upgrade to version is available from version or

This update does not require a server restart or stopping server traffic. Depending on your product update settings, the product update may be installed automatically (immediately or according to the specified schedule) or you may need to install it manually. In the Update section of your Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers products you will see the following notification:

If your Bitdefender Security for Windows Servers products are integrated with Bitdefender Management Server, then you will see a notification into the Management Console Dashboard. After clicking the notification, you will see details about the update and you will have the option to schedule the update installation.

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