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Is Bitdefender 2015 compatible with Windows 10? (upgrade and installation process)

Bitdefender is committed to delivering innovative and effective security solutions to you. This is why the latest Bitdefender version - 2015, is fully compatible with Windows 10.

If you’re running one of the 2012, 2013, 2014 or 2015 versions of Bitdefender on your computer and you decide to upgrade your Operating System to Windows 10, you will be able to install the latest compatible Bitdefender product.

IMPORTANT: Should you decide to do that, prior to the OS upgrade, we would recommend exporting the Bitdefender Wallet database, so you can import it again after this process (this will keep your Wallet information in Windows 10).

NOTE: Not exporting the Wallet database will result in the loss of the Wallet information after the OS upgrade.

In our article, here, you can find how to use the Bitdefender Wallet.


This article guides you through the migration process for your Bitdefender product in the context of upgrading your Operating System to Windows 10.

1. Make sure your Bitdefender product is up-to-date prior to starting the Operating System upgrade. For safety you can manually update it to make sure it contains the files necessary for the migration:

  • Open the Bitdefender window and click the Update button on the right side of the window.


  • Right-click the Bitdefender icon in the system tray and select Update now.


2. Wait for the Bitdefender update process to complete, then reboot if requested.

3. You can now start the Windows 10 upgrade process. Access the notification from the Windows Store to begin and follow the requested steps.

4. After Windows 10 is successfully installed, you will begin the onboarding process. In about 3 hours after the new Operating System is installed, Windows 10 will notify you that a new Bitdefender version is available.

Access the notification to start the installation of the Windows 10 compatible Bitdefender product.

NOTE: Should you decide you don't want to wait this period of time, you can manually install the Bitdefender 2015 Windows 10 compatible version by following the steps in our article, here:


5. The Bitdefender Upgrader will appear on your screen, guiding you throughout the installation. Click Upgrade to start the process, or Remind me Later to postpone it for a time of your choice.


6. Once you click Upgrade, the corresponding installer package will start downloading.


7. Run the installation kit as soon as the download is complete. The current Bitdefender version available on your system is detected and you are prompted to remove it before proceeding with the compatible version.

Allow the uninstall process to begin and reboot when prompted.


8. After the reboot, the Bitdefender installation resumes. The welcome screen lets you choose what type of installation you want to perform. For a completely hassle-free installation experience, just click the Install button. Alternatively, you can customize the installation path and configure proxy settings by clicking the Custom button


9. Once the product installation is complete Bitdefender will automatically refresh the license key information and resume protecting your system against all known threats.

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