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Incompatibility with Multi-Path I/O driver after upgrading to Bitdefender Security for File Servers v3.5

Bitdefender Security for File Servers products protect Windows  servers from known and unknown security threats with award winning proactive  antivirus, antispyware, antispam, antiphishing, content and attachment filtering  technologies.

In some cases, after upgrading to the Bitdefender Security  for File Servers v3.5, a blue screen may occur with every boot, caused by an incompatibility  between the trufos.sys and the mpio.sys drivers.

In order to solve this  situation, you will need to follow the steps below, based on your case:

        1.  In case you have installed Bitdefender Security for File Servers and you have the above incompatibility with a blue screen;
          a)  After Bios loads,  press F8 in order to get the Advanced Boot Menu and choose the option called  "Safe mode";
          b)  Once your Windows session is loaded, click Start > My Computer;
          c)  Browse to C:\Windows\System32\Drivers and modify the file called trufos.sys into trufos.old
          d)      Reboot your  computer in normal mode;
          e)  Perform the steps listed on 2nd or 3rd case (depending on your situation);

         2.  You installed Bitdefender Management Server v3.5  and you have deployed Bitdefender Security for File Security on your network (without blue screen);
          a)  Apply this patch on your Bitdefender Management Server v3.5 machine;
          b)  Open Bitdefender Managemenet Console and log in;
          c)  Press on Updates Status section, and click on the Products section, Update available;


Bitdefender Management Server

           d)    Go to the File Servers tab, and select all your servers in order to schedule the desired upgrade time;

Bitdefender Management Server

         Note: This policy will automatically reboot your servers once the servers are upgraded;

         3. You have installed Bitdefender for File Servers v3.5 stand-alone version;
           a)  Open Bitdefender Security for File Servers and go to Update;
           b)  Perform the product update listed in the Product Update area;
           c)  Reboot the server;

Bitdefender Update

Note: In case you will run a Bitdefender Management Server repair, the patch will no longer be available; In such cases, we strongly recommend you to download and reinstall our product using the latest kit of Bitdefender Client Security v3.5 available on our ftp:

Bitdefender Client Security v3.5 x86 - Click here; MD5: 9475bca49e2ac2a64fa9cc6488be385c;
Bitdefender Client Security v3.5 x64 - Click here; MD5: dd47abf187e76fa19e79a22678fc5815;
Free MD5 calculator : Click here ;

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