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How to recover files with Bitdefender Rescue CD

This article shows how to use Bitdefender Rescue CD to recover files from an infected system that fails to start

To copy files on a removable device:

1. Start Bitdefender Rescue CD. For details on how to create a Bitdefender Rescue CD, refer to this KB article.

2. Plug the target device into the USB port. A disk icon like the one below will appear on the desktop. All the detected partitions have similar icons

3. Double click the USB device icon to open the File Manager window and then navigate to the location where files will be saved.

4. Double click the infected partition icon to open a second File Manager window and then browse for the files to copy.

5. Arrange the windows side by side.

6. Drag and drop the files from the infected partition to the USB device.

NOTE: Use caution when copying files from an infected computer. Copy only the files that are unlikely to get infected. Do not open the affected files unless you have scanned them in advance.

7. To safely unplug the USB device, right click its icon and select Eject Volume.

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