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How do I secure my online transactions with Bitdefender 2014 Safepay?

Safepay is a secured browser designed for online banking. By default, Bitdefender detects when you navigate to an online banking site or online shop in any browser on your computer and prompts you to launch it in Safepay.

To access the main interface of Bitdefender Safepay, follow the steps below:

·         In Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows 7:

1. Click Start and go to All Programs.

2. Click Bitdefender.

3. Click Bitdefender Safepay or, quicker, double-click the Bitdefender Safepay shortcut on your desktop.

·         In Windows 8:

Locate Bitdefender Safepay from the Windows Start screen (for example, you can start typing "Bitdefender Safepay" directly in the Start screen) and then click the icon. Alternatively, open the Desktop app and double-click the Bitdefender Safepay shortcut.

Safepaylooks and behaves like a regular web browser:

·         enter URLs you want to go to in the address bar using the real keyboard.

·         add tabs to visit multiple websites in the Bitdefender Safepay window by clicking 

·         navigate back and forward and refresh pages using 

·         access Bitdefender Safepay settings by clicking 

·         protect your passwords with Wallet by clicking   

·         manage your bookmarks by clicking next to the address bar

·         open the virtual keyboard by clicking . It was created to enter only sensitive data, such as credentials and credit card numbers.

·         print a page by clicking 

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