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How do I check what viruses Bitdefender 2015 detected?

Each time a scan is performed, a scan log is created and Bitdefender records the detected issues.
The scan log contains detailed information about the logged scanning process, such as scanning options, the scanning target, the threats found and the actions taken on these threats.
You can open the scan log directly from the scan wizard, once the scan is completed, by clicking Show Log.
To check a scan log or any detected infection at a later time, follow these steps:
  1. Open the Bitdefender window.
  2. Click the icon at the top of the window and select Events from the drop-down menu.
  3. In the Events window, select Antivirus from the corresponding drop-down menu.
  4. This is where you can find all malware scan events, including threats detected by on-access scanning, user-initiated scans and status changes for automatic scans.
  5. In the events list, you can check what scans have been performed recently. Click an event to view details about it.
  6. To open a scan log, click View log. The scan log will open in a new window.
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