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GravityZone (Cloud-based) Release Notes for August 2020 Update


GravityZone accounts security

Aiming to secure the access to Control Center even more, GravityZone comes with important changes:

  • Password expiration. You can now enable password expiration after 90 days for GravityZone local accounts. A notification will inform users several days in advance to change their passwords. Otherwise, GravityZone will lock out their accounts.
  • Increased password length. GravityZone new passwords will require minimum 12 characters. Password complexity requirements remain the same: at least one digit, one uppercase, one lowercase and one special character.
  • Account lockout. You can enable account lockout after five login attempts with invalid passwords. User access will be restricted until a new password is set. Users will receive an email to let them know of their account status and what to do to in such cases.

New accounts will have these options enabled by default. To existing accounts only the new password length applies by default.

Find these settings in the following Control Center pages:

  • Accounts – when applying to individual users. Requires an account with the Manage Users right.
  • Configuration – when applying a company-wide policy. Requires an account with the Manage Company and Manage Network rights.
  • Companies – when applying to the companies under your management. Requires an account with the Manage Companies right.

You can check the My Account page anytime to see if you have these policies enabled for your account.

These changes do not affect the GravityZone Public API.

Resolved Issues


The Malware Status report incorrectly listed unresolved detections as deleted.

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