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GravityZone (Cloud-Based) Release Notes for August 18th, 2015 Update

GravityZone (cloud-based) protects business systems with a centralized policy-based control, real-time visibility into the security status, and does not require on-site server hardware or maintenance as it is hosted by Bitdefender.

This article provides information on the changes delivered with the Bitdefender GravityZone (cloud-based) update released on August 18th, 2015.

NOTE: These release notes refer to features that may not be present in your GravityZone solution, such as Exchange Protection or Security for Amazon Web Services.

New Features and Improvements

Control Center

  • The devices used by GravityZone users to log in to Control Center are now tracked. The scope of this measure is to increase the security of GravityZone accounts.
  • Added a notification informing the users about logins to Control Center with their credentials from unrecognized devices.
  • Added a notification for users with Manage users rights from Partner companies, informing them about logins from unrecognized devices of users associated with managed company accounts.
  • Enforced the password history, users not being able to reuse recent passwords when changing the password for Control Center.

Security Improvements

Control Center

  • Applied several additional measures to enhance the security of the GravityZone solution.

Resolved Issues

Exchange Protection

  • The Exchange on-demand scan logs from the Information window could not be viewed in the localized versions of Control Center. The issue is now fixed.

Known Issues

Control Center

  • Login from new device notification does not include the IP of the unrecognized device.
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