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How to upgrade to the latest Bitdefender Client Security version

Bitdefender Client Security is an easy to use business security and management solution, which delivers superior proactive protection from viruses, spyware, rootkits, spam, phishing and other malware. It offers the following components: Bitdefender Management Server (with/without add-on), Bitdefender Local Update Server, Bitdefender Business Client and Bitdefender Management Agent;

In order to correctly upgrade all the Bitdefender Client Security components, please follow the below steps: Install

1 .1   Upgrading Bitdefender Management Server and Bitdefender Local Update Server (reboot required)

a) Download and run the Bitdefender Client Security v3.5 latest kit from our FTP server on the Bitdefender Management Server computer. Please make sure to select for download the correct platform (x86 or x64);
b) Run the upgrade wizard and reboot your server once prompted;
c) After reboot, your previous settings will be restored and your products upgraded;


1.2  Upgrading Bitdefender Management Agent (no reboot required)

a) After Bitdefender Management Server upgrade, open Bitdefender Management Console and login;
b) Go to "Update Status" section and click on "Outdated Agents" link;

c) Select all your clients and click on "Upgrade agents for the selected computers";

d) Once the upgrade is performed, the Bitdefender Management Agent version will be updated in the Bitdefender Management Console;You can view the video tutorial on How to upgrade to the latest Bitdefender Client Security version by following the link

1.3   Upgrading Bitdefender Business Client (reboot required)

      The Bitdefender Business Client component will be upgraded automatically to the latest version directly from your Bitdefender Local Update Server or from Bitdefender Update online servers;

1.4   Known issues after upgrade

a) Because Bitdefender Management Console dashboard was redesigned, you will first need to configure it by selecting the exact sections you want to have as active; in order to view how to configure the dashboard sections, you will need to access KB821 article;
b) The Bitdefender Business Client Update Scheduled policy was renamed and therefore it will not exist in your migrated policies list; We strongly recommend to apply a new "Update Settings" policy with the new settings;
c) The existing Scheduled Reports are lost during upgrade;
d) The existing policies called "Antivirus Settings" for Bitdefender Security for Exchange Servers  and Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers are lost;
e) The existing policies called "Filtering Settings" for Bitdefender Security for Mail Servers are lost;
f)  Because Bitdefender Master-Slave architecture was redesigned, you will need to upgrade both master and slaves servers from your network; else, the slave server replication won't be recognized by the master server;
g)  If you are using MAC products integrated with Bitdefender Management Server, the machines will appear as unregistered in the "License and Password Status";

Bitdefender License and Password Status

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