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How to manually update Bitdefender Security for Samba

Bitdefender Security for Samba Servers enables organizations to deploy antivirus and antispyware protection for their Samba network shares running on Linux, FreeBSD and Solaris systems. Deployed and maintained centrally within the network, Security for Samba scans cross-platform data structures and file stores for malware, keeping network users safe from virus infection.

In some cases, our products will need to be updated offline as an internet connection is not present within the network arhitecture. In order to perform an offline update for Bitdefender Security for Samba servers, you will need to:

  1. Download the cumulative zip archive which contains the latest product and update signatures (updated daily):
    • For 32-bit systems: click here
    • For 64-bit systems: click here
  2. Extract the contents of the zip file to the  /opt/BitDefender/var/lib/scan directory, overwriting the existing  files with the newer ones if necessary.
  3. Set the proper permissions. After extracting the zip archive, you must set the proper owner and permissions, by running the following commands.

    # chown bitdefender:bitdefender /opt/BitDefender/var/lib/Plugins/*

    # chmod 644 /opt/BitDefender/var/lib/Plugins/*

  4. Make sure to restart Bitdefender using the following command:

# /opt/BitDefender/bin/bd restart

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