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How To Remove Another Security Solution Installed on the PC

It is highly recommended that you remove any security software you might have installed on your system prior to installing Bitdefender. Running multiple security programs simultaneously may negatively affect their operation, as they compete for access to the same system resources.

You can either uninstall your security solution from:

  • Windows Control Panel:

1.     Go to Add or Remove programs in Windows XP or Uninstall a program under Programs in Windows Vista and Windows 7

2.     Select the security solution and click Remove in Windows XP or Uninstall in Windows 7 or Vista

3.     You can also contact the security software manufacturer or visit their Website for further information.

  • The Bitdefender 2013 installer automatically detects any other security software installed, including older versions of Bitdefender. Once the setup wizard is launched, Bitdefender will instruct you how to uninstall it.

If you are installing Bitdefender Internet Security or Total Security, please turn off any other firewall that protects your system as well. During the installation process, we recommend you to leave the two options "Turn Off Windows Firewall" and "Windows Defender" checked. Once the installation of these products is complete, the Bitdefender firewall will be activated. 

Click Start Uninstall to proceed with the uninstalling of conflicting software, one by one. Your computer may need to reboot in order for this process to run properly, but the setup wizard will resume after each reboot. If conflicting security software fails to be removed, Bitdefender will redirect you to the Customer Care Team to help you prepare the system for installation.



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