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Cloud Security for Endpoints Updates (June 2012)

Cloud Security for Endpoints by Bitdefender protects systems using security technology that has been rated number one time and time again. It does not require on-site server hardware and maintenance as it is managed by Cloud Security Console, a powerful and intuitive interface to a solution that can scale to defend any number of systems, no matter where they are located.

This article provides information on the new features, improvements and bug fixes introduced by the Cloud Security for Endpoints updates released on June 28, 2012.

  • Cloud Security Console update (instantly available for all users)
  • Endpoint Client update (delivered via product updates for existing installations and via updated installation packages for new installations)

New Features and Improvements

For Cloud Security Console:

  • The Block Web Access feature (User Control module) now takes into account the existing Web Control rules and Web Categories with Allow permission. Prior to this update, enabling this feature used to block Internet access completely.
  • Wildcards can now be used when defining Web Control rules (User Control module): "*" for 0 or more characters and "?" for 1 character
  • The number of networks a partner can see at the same time was increased to 20.

For Endpoint Client:

  • Improved the detected security software list for the uninstall competitors feature.
  • During remote installation any incompatible security solutions found on the target computers will be automatically detected and uninstalled.

Bug Fixes

For Cloud Security Console:

  • Fixed console crashes occurring when adding many websites to the Antiphishing whitelist or to the Web Control list.
  • Fixed several console formatting issues from Computers Area.
  • Fixed issue with adding an Update Location (General policy section) through copy-paste when using Firefox 12.

For Endpoint Client:

  • Fixed issue with Thunderbird slowdown caused by On-access scanning in certain cases.
  • Fixed issue with Endpoint Client failing to update when the P2P update option was selected.
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