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BitDefender Online Scanner FAQ

  1. What's new in the Online Scanner?

    BitDefender Free Online Virus Scanner version 8 includes:

    • Redesigned interface: allows simpler configuration and guidance through the entire scanning process.
    • Spyware scanning and removal: detects and disinfects spyware files.
    • Effective defaults: scanning with the default options automatically cleans the infected files.
    • Easy to install and update: each time the product is used, it updates its virus signatures from BitDefender Labs so the scan will be a valuable tool to assess the security status of the system.
    • Automatic uninstall: available straight from the browser.
    • Improved security: the product can be installed only on authorized web sites.
    • Proxy enabled: detects automatically the anonymous proxy settings set in Internet Explorer.
    • Exportable reports: save the scan report for later analyis.
  2. What should I do when it prompts for upgrade?

    First remove the old version (if you have any already on your system) and then install the new one.
    To remove the old Online Scanner, select Tools, and click Uninstall BitDefender Online Scanner v8. Restart Internet Explorer. Then install the new version of the product by clicking the „Online Scanner” logo from the homepage

  3. How can I make the Online Scanner run under Windows Vista?
    Please click here for details.
  4. How can I remove Online Scanner from my computer?

    Select Tools, and click Uninstall BitDefender Online Scanner v8. Restart Internet Explorer.

  5. Why nothing happens when I click on Online Scanner icon?

    BitDefender Online Scanner pops up in a separate window. Disable or relax the rules of the pop-up blocker and try again.

  6. What browsers are compatible with Online Scanner?

    BitDefender Online Scanner uses ActiveX technology which is only compatible with Internet Explorer.

  7. What does RTVR mean?

    Real Time Virus Reporting (RTVR) sends to BitDefender Lab the results of the scanning process in order to create agregate statistics of the virus activity around the world. No personally identifiable information is collected or sent to BitDefender. Press Click here to view the report to see the RTVR report.

  8. How can I see or save the scan report?

    Once the scan is ended, press Click here to view the report to see the scanning results.

  9. Does Online Scanner protect my computer from getting infected?

    No, BitDefender Online Scanner scans the computer only for existing viruses. For a complete protection use the commercial versions.

  10. What to do if the update fails?

    We recommend restarting Internet Explorer and performing a second update.

  11. What to do if Online Scanner found viruses but doesn't clean them?

    We recommend saving the scan report and send it to BitDefender Support.

  12. Why I can not install Online Scanner?

    See Troubleshooting BitDefender Online Scanner.

  13. Can I put a link to Online Scanner on my website?

    Yes. See How to add security info to your website.

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