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How to generate a support tool log when Bitdefender is installed

If you wish to generate a support tool log when Bitdefender is installed, follow these instructions:

1. Acces This PC by holding the Windows key and pressing E.

2. Open the Bitdefender installation folder (the default path is C:\ Program Files\ Bitdefender\ Bitdefender 2017).

3. Open the executable file supporttool.

4. Check the box to agree with the Support Tool info and click on Next.


5. In the next page insert your name, email address and issue description. Check the box to try and reproduce the issue before submitting.


6. Select the category issue, reproduce it and then wait for the information gathering process to end. Afterwards click on Finish.


7. A file will be created on your desktop (BDSP_*). Please send us that file via the support ticket you have opened so we can analyze the situation.

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