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URL Status Service – Identifies Bad URLs and IP Addresses

Scans Phishing URLs, Fraudulent URLs, and Malicious URLs


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Scan URLs for Threats

URL Status Service detects malicious, phishing, and fraudulent websites in real-time before it can infect your devices by checking URLs or IP addresses to determine if they are harmful. There are many reasons why partners choose URL Status solution to be implemented within the product or service:

  • Generates revenue by allowing partners to integrating into their product.
  • Create incremental revenue as an additional service to your customers.
  • Differentiates product or service from the competition.
  • Provides real-time threat detection through the cloud.
  • Identifies malicious websites and notifies user or administrator of the online threat.

Light and Simple IP Address Scans

Partners are not required to install a client or agent with a large footprint. All the online threats go to the Bitdefender Cloud for detection without adding significant processing overhead or memory requirements. All the processing and checking is done through the Bitdefender Cloud requiring internet access. There are several advantages to adding this service:

  • Protects users from malicious websites.
  • Uses sandboxing technology to determine whether unknown threats are malicious.
  • Detects previous unknown exploits that could be malicious.
  • Handles thousands of requests spread over multiple geographical locations.

Implement Scans for Malicious URLs

URL Status Service is very easy for partners to implement and simple for customers to use. No additional hardware or extra memory storage needed to use the service. URL Status Service works like this:

  • Website information is checked through the Bitdefender Cloud to determine whether the URLs or IP addresses are bad.
  • Bad websites can be instantaneously blocked preventing the user from accessing a bad website.
  • A notice can appear letting the user know that the website is potentially bad which leaves the decision to the user to enter at their risk.
  • If the user or devices does not receive any notifications, then the Bitdefender Cloud has not found the site to be compromised.

Protects Endpoints, Network Appliances, and Cloud Infrastructure

URL Status can be implemented in a variety of ways to maximize revenue potential or differentiate a product. Whether you want to protect your customer at the device level or in the cloud, URL Status Service prevents malicious activities.

  • Scans all URLs or IP addresses at the endpoint or device level regardless of the web browser used.
  • Checks all for bad URLs at the network, gateway, or perimeter device. Web Security vendors or next generation firewall companies are ideal companies.
  • Allows partners to implement the product as a service to their customer. Increases user confidence and trust by allowing all URLs to be scanned prior to connecting customers to a website.
  • Provides an excellent data feed source for Big Data companies for correlation analysis and pattern development.