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Gigabit Antimalware Performance

Streamdefender allow partners to add high-speed, low latency antivirus threat protection to network appliance, gateway manufacturers, or perimeter devices. Streamdefender offers many advantages that overcome the hardware limitations that slow down the high performance malware scanning speed. Here are just some of the reasons why customers choose Streamdefender:

  • Generates additional revenue with antimalware features.
  • Stops top malware threats at the gateway.
  • Allows hardware appliance manufacturers to scan for malware at Gigabit speeds.
  • Differentiates your product over other web security vendors.
  • Improves next generation firewall capabilities by adding online threat detection.

Gigabit Antivirus Scanning Advantages

Conventional antivirus scanning engines with high-end, very expensive hardware can only achieve 500Mb per second scanning speed. The processing power, memory requirements, and system architecture can limit the scanning speed of these devices. Streamdefender signatures offer many distinct advantages over traditional scanning engines:

  • Achieve up to 40GB throughput or more.
  • No or little processing power degradation.
  • No or little memory storage requirements.
  • Frequent updates to protect network from viruses.

Powerful Next Generation Antivirus

Scanning for files for malware requires a lot of processing power and memory. In general, the fastest scanning rate for an antimalware engine is in the range of 500Mb per second with high-end very expensive hardware. Streamdefender is different, it does not require a lot of processing power or memory storage requirements. Here is how Streamdefender can perform at Gigabit speeds:

  • Does not require entire file before malware scanning file.
  • Quickly scans each packet one by one for malware strains.
  • Complete files do not have to be stored in memory.
  • Files do not have to be resent after scanning.

Prevent Network Malware Outbreaks

Gateway antimalware reduces the threat of viruses coming through the network. There are reasons why endpoint devices require additional protection from network malware outbreaks.

  • Many endpoint devices may not have the latest antivirus updates and leads to a higher likelihood of infection.
  • By reducing malware at the gateway or entry point into the network, you can reduce the amount of malware that can potentially infect other endpoints within the network.
  • Preventing perimeter outbreaks allows security administrators to focus on other initiatives.

Optimizing Antimalware Scanning

Streamdefender works together with Bitdefender’s Antimalware SDK to maximize hardware appliance capabilities. Here are just a few reasons to implement both options:

  • Creates more flexibility and allows administrators more choices.
  • Allows customers to use the antimalware scanning engine in normal malware alert status
  • Switch to Streamdefender in high malware alert status so your performance will not slow down when a malware outbreak occurs.