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Online Virus Scanner Partner Advantages

Bitdefender Quickscan allows a partner to add cloud-based malware scanning to their devices. Here are some of the reasons why partners choose to integrate or add an online malware scanner to their website or have it installed to a computer:

  • Increases revenue by identifying harmful malware quickly and easily.
  • Scans for malware which can slow down the performance of a computer.
  • Drives visitor traffic by analyzing computers for malware and provides a report on the results.
  • Improves customer trust by scanning for malware before accesses confidential data.
  • Allows computer technicians to diagnose computer problems related to malware.

Cloud Based Antimalware Scanner Advantages

Quickscan, cloud based scanning provides several advantages:

  • No extra memory or hardware required.
  • No virus signature updates.
  • No software updates.
  • No maintenance.
  • No additional resources.
  • No skilled technicians.

Hassle Free Online Malware Scanner

It can easily be installed on a computer and does not require a lot of resources or time. Here is how Quickscan, an online malware scanner works:

  • Depending on the configuration, Quickscan can be launched within a web browser to scan files for malware or it can be launched automatically from an application.
  • After the first initial scan of the device, Quickscan keeps a record of the file and applications scanned.
  • If any of files are modified, then Quickscan will send a hash of the changes to the Bitdefender Cloud to determine whether the change files or applications are safe or not.
  • Privacy is protected. No personal file information is sent to the cloud.

Complementary OEM Antivirus Scanner

Quickscan works in parallel with existing antivirus products. It uses the Bitdefender Antimalware Cloud to analyze files and applications to determine if they are infected or not. Quickscan provides some strong benefits.

  • Do not have to remove existing antivirus products.
  • Provides a second opinion and can identify malware in real-time.
  • Can be used to check a computer system before launching any program that requires user credentials or user name and password combinations.