Push Updates

Subscribe Now to the Update Pushing Service to receive priority updates in case of virus outbreaks.


  • Tighter security
  • New virus signatures will be pushed to your installed BitDefender products the minute they are released, thus avoiding the waiting period before your regularly scheduled update is due.

Lower bandwidth consumption
If the scheduled update interval is very short, as is the case in most production environments, there is significant bandwidth consumption. With update pushing, this is entirely avoided.

Decreased admin workload
When news of an outbreak reaches the administrators, the standard operating procedure is to update everything that's in need of updating, usually by hand. Update pushing means an end to this rush of activity, for the antivirus protection.

To subscribe to the Update Pushing service, please input a valid e-mail address. The address should be @ the server that is running BitDefender. We recommend that you use the postmaster or administrator address that receives the mail notifications.

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